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Collecting Early Original Photographs

Collecting early photographs is one of the most rewarding hobbies of today. The subject of material available is unlimited. This allows us to collect a broad spectrum of photographs within our criteria. Many collectors specialize in a particular area or region, where others like to buy those images that they find appealing and not necessarily in a particular theme.
For some the monetary value is important, for others it is irrelevant as long as the photographs fit their criteria.
As a lifelong collector, I think it is important to find images that I really love and regardless of cost, can live with them for a lifetime. Most of my clients are looking for vintage photographs that are at least 50 years old in 20th century images and of course are over 115 years old if they are collecting 19th century photographs.
Within our website there are more than 2000 original photographs to select from. Almost all are housed in acid free archival mats to help them last another 100 years. They are ready for framing or can easily be stored in standard archival boxes. It is important that any photographic collection is stored in the best environment you have available.
Many collectors want to know that there is value in the items they collect. There is no guarantee that values will increase any more than there is a guarantee that stocks and shares you purchase will increase in value. Historically, prices on vintage photographs have increased substantially over time, but you should not be purchasing for this reason. Purchase for the enjoyment that your collection gives you and for the pursuit of finding those great photographs that are a fit into your collection, no matter where you find them.

Tony Davis

I am always looking to purchase 19th century photograph albums in large format from:  India, China, U.S.A., Canada, Australia and South Pacific. Send details via email please.